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Generico de plasil enzimatico d. Antibiotic drug-resistant strains of MRSA were isolated from skin wounds of patients aged 18–70 years, who underwent surgery for an abscess, arm fracture or other trauma, with without infection. Patients were sampled for 1 week and used as sources for antibiotic susceptibility screening. After 3 and 7 days, MRSA isolates were serially inoculated onto LB agar plates at various numbers of plasci in increasing following the guidelines of French national antibiotic agency, ANSM, and the Pasteur Institute. Plasmids were produced with an in vitro-based production system developed Dr. S.L.T.K. and L.S.M.L.C., then transferred by surface plating to a glass membrane. The membrane was incubated in presence or absence of antibiotic and then washed down with phosphate buffered saline. Upon transfer from a glass to plastic bottle, all plaques were visualized with a light microscope and counted using an Automated Plate Counting System. The ratio for quantification was defined as the number of isolates per plate. The study was conducted in accordance with the guidelines of French national pharmaceutical authority (ANSM), w